How can I help?

There are a multitude of ways to help St Vincent de Paul help our neighbors!  The  REAL NUMBER ONE way is prayer – pray for us and those we serve. Other means of supporting us are as follows:

1. We can always use financial assistance.  On the second full weekend of every month, we pass a blue bucket at the end of Mass to collect any financial contribution you would care to give.  Those of us who use the parish envelopes will find a St Vincent de Paul envelope for each month.

2. Like us on Facebook – St Anthony’s St Vincent de Paul

3. Donate your car:

The Spokane Council of the Society participates in St. Vincent de Paul USA’s National Vehicle Donation Program. It’s easy: you get rid of a vehicle you no longer want without the hassle of trying to sell it, and the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Spokane gets 80% of the sale price (all of which goes to the poor in Spokane). To learn more or to donate a vehicle, go to:

4. Make in-kind donations:

We are always in need of paper towels, dish soap, surface, bathroom, and floor cleaners, Clorox/similar wipes, sponges, bar soap, shampoo, toothpaste, dental floss and laundry detergent. These items make a huge difference in our clients’ lives, enabling them to live with much greater dignity and better health. Sorry, but we CANNOT use food, open or partially used items, or anything not listed here.

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